Process that allows the passage of liquids and the retention of solids using a porous medium.

• Silex filter
• Multi-layer filte
• Activated carbon filters
• Iron removal system
• Neutralisation
• Elimination of arsenic
• Nano-filtration
• Ultrafiltration

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• Softeners: Elimination of calcium and magnesium ions.

• Denitrification: Elimination of nitrates present in the water.

• Demineralisation: Elimination of dissolved salts.

• Mixed bed: Unit with mixed, cationic and anionic, ion-exchange.

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Water purification process, without using chemical products, by means of a positive
and a negative electrode. The semipermeable ionic exchange membranes separate the positive ions from the negative, thus creating deionised water.

• Electrodeionisation module (EDI)

Catalogue Electro-deionisation


Thanks to this process, the majority of the dissolved salts are eliminated; as a consequence, we obtain water suitable for human consumption or industrial use.

• Brackish water
• Sea water
• Single-pass osmotic
• Double-pass osmotic
• Energy recovery units

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• UV disinfection

• Lamellar settling tank

• Pilot

•Automatic continuous polyelectrolyte preparation system

•SBR: Sequencing Batch Reactor.

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